Below you find short descriptions of some of the products the VDA QMC provide

What is a Whitepaper ?

A “whitepaper” is an official VDA QMC publication that gives a short description of a product or service that is used in the automotive business for quality, improvement of productivity purposes. Please feel free to download below.


EOS – Electrical Overstress in the Automotive Industry. The new guide to dealing with claims

  • Electrical Overstress (EOS) is an electrical overload that causes thermal destruction or damage to electronic components such as diodes, IC:s and sensors

  •  The EOS-related damages represent a major problem in the field of electronics in the automotive industry…………..


The new standard to analyse risks within the automotive supply chain

  • FMEA as the fundamental method in technical risk management is a team-oriented and systematic analytical method to identify risks in order to define mitigation measures

  • Implementing the FMEA is necessary to improve customer satisfaction by means of zero-defect products………..


Understanding and implementing VDA ISA in your own company. For a successful TISAX-Assessment; Are you secure?

  • The protection of business processes and internal information as well as data, even under difficult boundary conditions, is a central task of corporate management

  • The TISAX model (Trusted Information Security Assess­ment Exchange) was therefore developed under the patronage of the VDA


VDA 2 – Production Process and Product Approval (PPA) Quality Assurance for Supplies. Check-up for new parts!

  • Before starting the serial production suppliers have to prove that their products and connecting processes do fulfill the necessary requirements in quality both internally and with the customers

  • This method is called “Production Process and Product Approval [PPA)” and is described in VDA Volume 2 “Quality Assurance for Supplies”.
  • ………………


VDA 5: Measurement and inspection processes – Capability, planning and management. This is how to safeguard your  inspection process management!

  • Inspection process management in companies in the automotive industry serves two main purposes

  • Inspection process capability involves more than just the release of the inspection equipment. It also encompasses dealing with measurement uncertainty in product and manufacturing design in order to prevent incorrect assessments of measurement results……..


Agile Collaboration in the Automotive Industry -act across organizational boundaries. You can only reach the goal together!

  • Nowadays a product is so complex that it is impossible for a single team to master the task of developing a new product within an acceptable time frame – this is called agile scaling
  • For this reason individual and agile teams come together as a development association to create a product – this normally takes place within the own organization….
  •  …………