Training in/Renewal of VDA 6.3

 Requirements for qualification to and certification to/renewal of VDA 6.3


As the only licensee to VDA QMC in Scandinavia, we can carry out both certification training of auditors and more comprehensive training for e.g. management teams in VDA 6.3 for anything between 1 and 5 days. General training for 1-2 days is suitable for e.g. management teams or people who need information about what the method means, but who should not carry out audits. Training of personell to work as internal auditors or with supplier assessment covers 4 days and for some customers approved certification tests are also required (Day 5).

Read about requirements for renewal. The complete process is shown in graphics below


The training in Process Audit VDA 6.3:2023 is divided into a 4 day training and a certification

The 4-day training does NOT require any prooven competences prior to participation

Certification (Day 5) requires following prooven competences prior to participation

  • Completed training in internal auditing covering ISO 19011 (or equivalent) of at least three days
  • 5 years of industrial experience of which 2 years in quality management
  • Documented knowledge in “Automotive Core Tools” (see below)

Here you can download form (382) for application to certification



If, in connection with a training course in VDA 6.3, you have completed the tests included on the fifth day of training with approved results, you thus have a full right to conduct audits for 3 years. After three years, an application for an extension must be submitted and, as a rule, an extension is granted for an additional three years at a small cost (currently SEK 1,750). General requirements for extension are:
  • Minimum five audits carried out (internal/external/potential analysis) over three years
  • Minimum 10 audit days in the last three years
  • Demonstrated competence in (Automotive) Core Tools

Application for renewal must be submitted latest 3 months after expiration of validity.

Here you can download form for application of renewal


As a result of witness audits, it has been found that the majority of suppliers in the automotive industry have a lack of knowledge of “Core Tools” (FMEA, SPC, MSA, APQP, 8D mm) for VDA QMC at the end of 2019/2020, core tools’ competence requirements for new training and extension. This competence can be demonstrated according to one of the following options
  • Training in “Automotive Core Tools” (417) from approved licensee to VDA QMC OR
  • Completed training in Core Tools with approved content for at least two days AND
  • Completed “Quizz” in Automotive Core Tools with approved results
Please send us your certificates from completed core tools training ( and you will receive an invitation to the quizz.

Read here about Automotive Core Tools