Process Audit VDA 6.3

A great way to review a product development process

Process audit VDA 6.3.

Are you aware of the risks you and your supplier(s) are takning in a product and process development project?


Process auditing using VDA 6.3 has been used for more than 20 years and has proven to be an effective method for identifying weaknesses and shortcomings in a product development process. In VDA 6.3 there are evaluation criterias for risks related to a product and process development project that starts with the feasibility review och ends with risks for customer care and customer service, covering project management, transfer to production, purchsing and production. VDA 6.3 has been developed as an approach for more than 30 years and has evolved from being an internal procedure to a global standard affecting several industrial branches.


Process revision VDA 6.3 is available as a Swedish translation and is on about 200 pages. It describes a general audit process as well as the requirements for the 6 process elements and a way to make an initial assessment of a supplier, so-called potential analysis


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As the sole licensee of VDA QMC in Scandinavia, we can perform certification training of auditors as well as more general training for, for example, vda 6.3 management teams in anything between 1 and 5 days.
Some customers (e.g. VW/Audi) require a qualification (day 5) for full approval as an internal or supplier auditor.

Read more on this page about requirements for training and renewal of registration to VDA 6.3 


We are competent auditors and can revise your processes according to VDA 6.3 (but we would rather train you). We can also help you to dimension a good audit plan and make sure that you really do good value-creating internal audits and supplier assessments.