Requirements for examination to VDA 6.3

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NEW: Competence in Automotive Core Tools required.

The training as for being Process Auditor to VDA 6.3 is four day training and a 5th (optional) day which includes a written test and a verbal examination. In some situations the 4-day training is good enough but some automotive customers have as customer specific requirements proven competence in VDA 6.3 through examination. Check with your customer in case of uncertainty.

Since January 1. 2020 the requirements for renewing the certification (after the 3-year validity period) or for performing the examinations are following:


  • Five years of industrial experience, including two years of expereince of quality management/engineering.
  • Participation in training as internal auditor, minimum 3 days (preferably including knowledge in ISO 19011)
  • Participation the two days training for Automotive Core Tools (ACT), VDA QMC ID 417 OR
  • Participation a two days training for Core Tools (by other provider) AND performed Quiz for ACT with approved result.