PSCR - Product integrity

Product Safety and conformity affect more products than “Safety Parts”.


Productintegrity is a relatively new term and includes product safety together with conformity (with specifications). Several OEM -manufacturers have started to require a “Product Safety Representative” to assure that all parties in the supply chain is engaged in preventive management in Product Safety.

A common misunderstanding is that product integrity relates to products classified as “safety part”. Nothing is more wrong. Produktintegrity touches all products/parts that potentially may cause danger through misuse or deviation, deliberately or undeliberately. 


The VDA Volume Product Integrity was presented late 2017 and was upgraded 202 to include the new section OTA; “Over-the-air”. It is currently produced in English among other languages. The book is in 60 pages and follows the six modules coming from the training material.


Buildning blocks falling

We are approved by VDA QMC to hold trainings in Product Integrity and the training material is made for a 2-day training. It consists of five (5) modules including integrity tasks in the product life cycle, delegation guidelines and non-conformity management.


Working with product integrity requires knowledge of management systems and product liability. In addition to training, we can also assist you in developing and monitoring your management system with aspect of product safety and product liability