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Product Safety Representative - PSR / PSB

 Legislation and court rulings in several different parts of the world have shown that the automotive industry has a much greater responsibility for product safety than is known to most. This responsibility covers vehicle manufacturers, but also suppliers to a great extent .

During this two-day training, we go through the legal conditions and where it is possible to find information about product safety cases that have been reported within the EU and databases that traffic safety authorities in different countries (eg Great Britain, USA and Germany) use.

We review the information that can be expected from a “PSR, Product Safety Representative” and how a product safety system can be developed based on existing quality, work environment, information management and environmental work systems.

A product safety representative is NOT the same as a quality manager (in the classical sense), but can be seen as a future role with a focus on product safety and thus also customer satisfaction.

In January 2019, a new book entitled “Product Integrity” was released from the VDA QMC resulting from a project based on the previous product and the previous training package in PSR / PSB. A new training package will be presented in the spring of 2019, which replaces the training in PSR / PSB, but the current education will be approved also for the new requirements.

We will translate the new book and the new material and expect to have it done in the autumn of 2019.