MLA - Maturity Level Assurance

Assuring project management for new parts


Maturity Level Assurance (MLA) is a milestone-based system to ensure that the development of new products (and their processes) is carried out in a controlled manner. In this way, the risks of delaying a project and of the product or process not being approved can be reduced.



MLA consists of seven milestones for shared across the product realization process. Six before the start of series production and one after (SOP). These milestones are:

  • Innovation release for series development
  • Management of contract issuance requirements
  • Supply Chain Specification and order execution
  • Release of technical specifications
  • Completion of production planning
  • Availability of parts from series production tools and production facilities
  • Approval of production process and product
  • Project completion, transfer of responsibility to production and start of requalification

VDA QMC Volume 3rd was updated 2022 och är nu översatt. Vi kommer att finnas för försäljning i kvartal 4, 2023.


In MLA, a number of so-called evaluation criteria are used for each stage/maturity of the project. The valuation is done using a traffic light system where green means that the goals of the project will be achieved and red means that the goals will not be achieved and that measures must be taken. A red light (for any issue) also means a stop to further project activities.

The advantages of applying MLA are that a corresponding “pulse system” based on defined conditions is introduced, which facilitates and streamlines project execution.




The people who benefit from knowing MLA are the people who are in some way involved in product development and/or project management. In the first place, these include:

  • Project management
  • Product
  • Purchase
  • Process development
  • Quality control
  • (Management)

Depending on your role in the company, you should have knowledge of implementation or understanding how an audit report should be used and why it looks the way it does.


Tape-measure surveying plant, concept for business growth and business efficiency

Competence development in MLA can take place in two ways:

  • Participation in training in MLA (normally one day)
  • Utilization of consultancy support and development of management systems for project development.
  • Project audit supported by MLA systems.

Take a look at our syllabus and feel free to contact us for discussion about course syllabus, course content or consultancy support.


The maturity level of a project can be followed with the help of the JAVA-based tool developed by VDA, which contains all the essential parts as above, including risk analysis, reporting, etc. The program is available in German and English versions, but we are working (January 2024) on getting a Swedish language version as well. Read more on VDA’s website (below) or contact us for further information.

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