Automotive Core Tools

Competence in Automotive Core Tools contributes to continuous improvements


Automotive Core Tools is a collection of  methods for several products and methods.  For understanding the possibility to improve a process, competence in riskanalysis (FMEA), measurement certainty  (MSA), process control (SPC) and problem solving (8D) and/or control plans. These “components” are often packaged into a training setup.

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There is currently no single literature in Automotive Core Tools. VDA QMC has a collection binder called “Quality Assurande in the process landscape” which we sell in the web-shop at a very good price. The binder contains summaries of several good practices, not just what is normally included in “Automotive Core Tools”.


We develp your competence in Automotive Core Tools either as internal business training or in open trainings (see training plan on separate page). VDA QMC has developed a basic 2-day training (ID 417) that ends with certification exams with the following elements:
  • FMEA (Feleffektanalys)
  • MSA
  • PPAP
  • SPC
  • 8D

The training has been developed as an answer to the request of renewal of VDA 6.3 certification, but may also been used by others as a general competence increase for auditors.

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Core Tools may be audited in itself, but the result can only be through a directed report. If you have a need of an overview of practical use of Core Tools, we can happily make an analysis and propose improvements of competence and system.