Good audits gives you great opportunities to continuous improvements

A while ago ago a famous Swedish CEO implemented the expression “Love your non-conformities” in his company. Internal audits helps you identify errors and deviations that you later can prior in counteracting and thus prevent  potential risks becoming real problems.

This is why you should contract us for internal audit consultancy in training or real performance. p



Audits in your operation and processes, regardless if it about internal audits, supplier evaluations, is like having sharp knives in your kitchen.  The better the tools the better the results. Vi have competence in different types  of auditing and we know the tools. We manage ISO 19011, VDA 6.3, IATF 16949, ISO 9001 and several other examples of methods and systems. We help you sharpen your knives.


Audit planning

In order to succeed with internal audits as well as for supplier evaluations it is of greatest importance that there is a long-term view in planning and performance. It should should be bbased on risks (or options) in the supply chain, in the organization, and/or in product and process development. We assisst you in training or system performance, evaluation, planning and development.

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If the audit plan is based on solid ground, the audit program(s) are much more simple to make and the audits will be much more effective.  It will be more simple to focus on the right areas and also to make  limitations. There are always small details that can be improved, and we assisst you in assuring good “programming” and that they are based on sold ground and effective.

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Good preparations is essential for the implementation of effective audits. Using “the” right preparation, implementation will be more efficient. Sampling and results will be better implemented. Reporting will be easier and more efficient and the follow-up work will be more simple. ISO 19011 describes the preparatory work in detail and we show you how to do it in practice.
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Conducting a good audit is an art. Although basically there are only two ways to ask (open and closed questions), psychology is of the utmost importance and the ability to get the other party into the conversation/interview/discussion is essential. We show, through examples, how what is a good audit/discussion and what is not.
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Reporting is the most frequently performed part of the audit work. A good audit report shall be possible to understand in detail and to be used as an input to the audit programme some time afte the audit. We show what a good report consists of for parts and how it can be made more efficient.